About Me

Get to know me – Sara Otter

You may wonder how I became an Artist after originally undertaking a Physiotherapy degree. Three months before I was due to graduate I had some serious and very unexpected health problems, stopping me in my tracks and throwing all my carefully laid plans into chaos.

A couple of years later, still with ongoing health problems and a few more traumatic life events to add to the mix, I decided to put my inner creative energy that was nagging at me to good use.  I discovered art to be a great form of stress relief and therapy. After posting a photo of my first painting onto social media and having an overwhelming response, I realised this is something I enjoy doing and could work around any challenges in my life.

I am a self taught artist and for me, it is about transferring my creative energy onto canvas for others to enjoy as much as I have creating them. Each piece is original and unique, and I believe no true artist ever stops experimenting with new techniques and developing along their journey.

Life is An Adventure

I am 31 years old and try to make the best out of life, grabbing opportunities with enthusiasm. For fun and fitness I enjoy pole dancing, in the past I was more of an adrenaline junkie, skydiving 88 times.

My Talent is Now My Life

My styles are very much abstract, modern & contemporary. I am a driven, creative, ambitious and self reflecting individual who loves capturing the energy of the world around me whether that is in sports or on canvas.