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Little Dot Art / Dreams That You Dare To Dream (Glow in the Dark)
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Dreams That You Dare To Dream (Glow in the Dark)


‘Dreams That You Dare To Dream’ wildflower piece dazzles the eye of the beholder whether that’s in the daylight or in the depths of night.

The flowers are set against a solid black background (even though you can see many reflections on the photos, this is due to the superior shine of the epoxy resin)


Size: 40 x 40 cm


Medium: Acrylic + mediums, finished with glow in the dark pigments and UV stable epoxy resin on deep edge Winsor & Newton canvas

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More Information

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Option 1: Local Pick Up / Drop Off
Option 2: Delivery charge agreed post purchase. Min = £5 Max = £25 dependent on size and weight of artwork purchased. Opt in at checkout.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 cm

Contact me for delivery information and alternative payment methods. Artwork can be paid for in cash on collection if preferred.


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